Table of Contents

Spring Planting

Dear Readers-- by Jon Christensen

Letters -- letters to the editor

Great Basin News -- reports from afield

Reform Welfare from the Ground Up -- opinion by Annelise Orleck and Kit Miller

Great Basin News --Taxing Mining, Song of an Honest Miner, Holy Bat Sex! They Live! Nuclear Reactions and Critical Mass

Wild!...a Horse Meat Recipe -- a swiss "chevaline" by Jon Christensen

Nevada's Hard Rock Underground -- report by Jon Christensen

Earth First! -- centerspread collaboration

Can You Dig It? -- essay by Sharman Apt Russell

Underground in the Casinos -- story by Kit Miller

Dear Muriel -- letter by Walter Van Tilburg Clark

Book Reviews -- The Dhammapada, Beginning Washo, and more

Poetry -- by Tracy Grubbs, Jeffrey Forrest Grice, and Talvikki Ansel

Fear and Loathing on the Comstock -- story by Dan De Quille

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