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Great Basin

is published four times a year by Great Basin Magazine

6205 Franktown Road
Carson City, NV 89704
Phone and fax: 702/882-3990
On the World Wide Web at
Editor: Jon Christensen
Art Director: Chris Carlson
Fiction Editor: Charlie Buck
Poetry Editor: Gary Short
Staff Photographer: Kit Miller
Web Mistress: Christine Paterson
Contributing editors: Lenadams Dorris, Teresa Jordan, David Lukas, Sophie Sheppard,
Michael Sykes, Brooke Williams
SUBSCRIPTIONS are $10 per year
single copies $2.50 by mail
All rights to publication of articles in this issue are reserved. Please call or write for permission to print any article or illustration. It is easy to work out.
Contributions--letters, manuscripts, photos, artwork,--are welcomed with the understanding that the editor cannot be held responsible for loss or damage. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with any submission that you want returned. Articles, letters, photos and artwork will be edited and published at the discretion of the editor.
Cover Art Detail from the original drawing by T.L. Dawes, 1876, published by J.B. Marshall, Gold Hill, Nev. 1877

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