Petri's Place
 ( Please do not touch the picture of Petri.  He hates it when people touch him.)
    HI, in case you haven't noticed by now, my name is Petri!  I am a three year old
male whiteface/pied.
    My favorite thing to do is to ride on my human's shoulder, and cuddle real close
to him.  I like him a lot,  don't be fooled by all the times I poop on his favorite shirts.
basically I can't help it!
    I live in a cage with one other bird.  Her name is Phoenix.  I don't like her!  She
is crazy, she lets the hand have to much control. she let's him touch her head!  Can
you believe that!?  NOt me though I keep that hand in line, it comes within one inch
of me And I bite it!
    My greatest trick is my wolf whistle!  Besides being able to type.
    My history goes as follows:  I was set on the pet stores door step in a box at night.
The pet store put me in a cage with other birds I was happy there until one day my
human came along and stole me out of there. So to show him how unhappy I was at
leaving I bit the hand a Whole bunch of times!  after a while I learned to adapt and
pretty soon me and my human became good friends.  He feeds me a new diet now
it is called "pellets"?  I like them though because they give me more energy and I
am more active.
Thanks for visiting!!!
    This is a little circle of my favorite things. If you have a bird with you they will love it!and tell them that Petri made it!
Petri's Ring of Birdie Fun!