You are probably thinking, what the heck is going on I was supposed to be at the Whirly Bird...
Well, since I figured there are so many *all* bird bird sites, that I would rather have a big cockatiel
site than a little bird site, (Little fish in a big pond, or a big fish in a little pond)  Also I know the most
about them and ever since I got bit by an umbrella cockatoo I appreciate smaller birds more: )
    Thanks for visiting my site!  I am trying to make this site informative but yet fun at the same
time (can it be done?  I don't know).
This has turned out to be
one of my biggest attractions!! : )

This is the stuff that is in this site!!
Do you have a new bird or bird without a name?  Or maybe you are one of those people who just love to help other people and you are going to send me some names for me to add to the list for others: )  Here is a list of my favorite names for birds!     

Bird Names

This is my favorite page!  I am taking biology in school and the first category was birds!  I have written a few facts that I have learned down.     

Full Filling Fun Facts For Feathered Friends

My infamous bird... Petri!  On his own page.  He spent a lot of time on it.  Well I spent a lot of time on it trying to understand what he was saying.    
 Petri's Page 
   My New Bird!! (Q) He is a five month old Meyer's parrot!!  -still under construction-  

Q's Page

  Do you have a funny or amazing or even informative story to tell?  well please do!  Or if you just want ot look at some : )    

Story tellin'

Tell me what you  think of the Whirly Bird.  What void do you want this page to fill?  Your comments are important!    

Tell me what you think

Search the internet for Cockatiel sites.  


  Do you want to know if your cockatiel is a male or female?  then go here!! 

Male or Female

Comming Soon!!!
* Online cockatiel genetics program
* A list of Mutations and pictures of each and a litte history behind each.
* A Message Board
Any suggestions as to how this site can serve you better would be appreciated!!  Just contact me!
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